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Math 20s Course Development

Academic Foundations will be developing a “basic” curriculum for Math 20-1, 20-2, and 20-3 courses for delivery in high school programs for August 29, 2011.  This “basic” curriculum will include for each of the courses initial versions of unit examsfinal exams, and unit assignments as well as exam blueprints, unit plans and course outlines.  After launch and review, during phase two, starting in October,  a second set of exams will be created.  During phase three, starting in January 2012, media and online quizzes will be added to these courses.

Currently, the project’s instructional designers have started initial work on the project:  Michael Gaschnitz for Math 20-1, Tracy Black for Math 20-2, and Debbie Scott for Math 20-3. As instructional designers, they are using pre-publication copies of texts and outcomes from the program of studies to create initial course outlines.

Evaluation copies of the texts for the courses will be arriving shortly.  To date, we have one pre-publication copy of the 20-1 and 20-2 texts and a sampler for the 20-3.