To start off, instructional designers will introduce the key steps in creating the exams and assignments in orientations:
  • Exam Blueprint Orientation
  • Exam Orientation
  • Assignment Orientation
At the same time, instructional designers will be releasing exam blueprints so that instructors developing unit exams can start work on the unit exams using these blueprints.  Each unit exam should take roughly two weeks to complete.  These exams should be completed by the exam review session to be held near the end of June.

Once a unit exam is completed, instructors can begin to work on the unit assignments.  Each unit assignment should take roughly one week to complete.  These unit assignments should be done by the Course Check in date at the end of June.

An exam review session for each course will be conducted at the end of June.  These sessions led by the course's respective instructional designer will serve as an opportunity for all department math instructors to provide feedback and suggest changes.

As a developer, should you not be able to meet a deadline, let the project lead, Michael Gaschnitz, know as soon as possible so alternate arrangements can be made.