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The Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning develops summative unit, final and grade 12 equivalency exams for over forty courses in the high school and basic education area. With course offerings in various deliveries, from classroom to learning centre to online, and in various locations, from main campus to offsites to partner colleges to student homes, we build and maintain multiple forms for each exam. 

To meet this challenge, the department has an exam lead, exam support assistant, and exam officer to carry out exam development projects and facilitate exam distribution.During these projects, faculty take on various development roles: instructional designer, item writer, exam builder, item analyst and exam reviewer. As well, faculty and contractors enter items into an item bank, assemble exams, and export them into one of our exam templates. From there, instructors distribute the exams with custom answer sheets, which our exam development team uses OMR to gather item and exam statistics. Under the direction of an instructional designer, faculty participate in item analysis and exam review, leading to revisions. Once reviewed, exams become official curriculum.