Various software and web applications are used to develop and maintain exams and related products.  Professional development is available for the effective use of these educational technologies throughout the various exam development certificate workshops.  Each of these solutions were chosen for availability, cost, support and ease of use.

Microsoft Word© A word processor used to make exam templates, exams, guideline documents, checklists, Item Sets, and other exam related materials. Quick Parts and Equations are used in creating items for exams.

Adobe Acrobat Pro© Program used to create final PDF verisons for exams, which allow printing and downloading to be controlled and locked. Adobe also allows for online distribution through Google Drive and the website, and well as professional printing. 

Microsoft Excel© A spreadsheet development program used to create blueprints for exams. Used as a data analysis and tracking tool for exam reliability and validity.

Microsoft PowerPoint ©  Exam developers draw diagrams and basic images to show concepts and processes using the graphic tools in PowerPoint.  Images can be saved as independent pictures in a variety of formats.

Form Return© The Exam Development Centre uses this application to make custom answer sheets for each exam.  In turn, the software reads the scanned copies of filled out answer sheets using OMR and stores the results in a database to be accessed for item analysis.

Fast Test Web©  This online application allows the department to store items across all subject-areas in item banks.  Items can be classified and item statistics stored.  Exams can be built using these banks in alignment with our exam blueprints.  What makes this program stand out is its workflow, with various roles having access to relevant tasks.

Google Drive© Content management system and an online service that allows you to create files - such as word documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets, and forms - collaboratively work on those files, organize them, store the files online, and share those files with the public or select groups. You will see many links on our website to documents that we have created and stored on Google Drive.