Here you will find information and resources on various subjects. These development documents are used to develop products. Most are information and guideline documents created by Alberta Education. 

Information Bulletins
These documents include information on assessment standards and implementation, blueprints, and Alberta Education guidelines for assessment. 

Programs of Study
These documents are guides to various programs and include information on assessment, outcomes, scope and sequence.

Assessment Standards and Exemplars
These documents are provided by Alberta Education and outline provincial guidelines for assessment with exemplars of assessment and student work. 

Released Items
These documents include previously released and used items on Alberta Education Diploma Examinations. 

Guide to Implementation
This document includes information on outcomes and cognitive levels for the entire English Language Arts program in Alberta. 
School Reports
The documents are specific to Bow Valley College and report outcome on the diploma exams written by Bow Valley College learners. As these documents contain confidential information, you will need to sign in to view.  Be sure to request access.

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Project Stages
  • Analyze
  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Review
  • Revise
  • Maintain
Develop Stage
  • Design
  • Build
  • Review
  • Revise