Exams remain the primary element of Foundational Learning's high school and Academic Preparation curricula. To support the collaborative development of these exams, the department will engage in a series of ongoing exam development projects. These projects will aim at creating and maintaining valid and reliable exams.

Current Projects

English Language Arts Equivalency Exam Review

Scope    Tasks     People     Project Documents  Discussion

Common Unit and Final Exams

Scope    Tasks    People   Project Documents   Discussion

Additional Equivalency Exam Forms

Scope    Tasks    People   Project Documents  Discussion

Science 14 Final Exam Review

Scope    Tasks     People   Project Documents    Discussion

Science 10 Common Exam Format Pilot

Scope    Tasks     People    Project Documents   Discussion

Biology 30 Unit Exam Review

Scope    Tasks    People   Project Documents   Discussion

English Language Arts 20-1 Unit Exam Review

Scope    Tasks    People   Project Documents   Discussion

As part of these projects, faculty will

  • engage in blueprinting to analyze existing exams and create new forms,
  • employ supported testbanks to create exams and track questions,
  • record performance statistics on questions and exams to determine difficulty levels and inform improvement,
  • produce multiple forms of common, summative unit and final exams,
  • establish a quality checklist to review exams,
  • create multiple forms of equivalency exams,
  • use established exam templates,
  • use established content management procedures and guidelines to develop, maintain and share exams.