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Common Exams


The Foundational Learning department will be launching common unit and final exams in a new format by September 2013.

The new format will give Official Curriculum exams the official look and feel.  These exams will be durable and reusable.  Custom answer sheets will be developed for each of these exams allowing for scanning with current photocopiers and, by extension, Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to gather scores.  Using these scores, the department will be able to gather statistics in its item banks to conduct item analysis.

More importantly, course assessment will achieve consistency of a high standard.  Faculty from across the department will be able to participate in development and review to ensure validity and reliability.  Resources, such as development funds, will be more effectively applied to planned development work avoiding redundancies.  Opportunities for partnership and professional development will be created as a result of this monumental work.
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