As with all curriculum development projects, faculty and staff take on various roles to develop exams and related products.  These roles promote collaboration and allow people to participate according to their own interest, ability and commitment.  

Exam Builder

Exam Reviewer

The exam builder builds exams. To do so, they complete several activities:

  • select items in the item bank using exam blueprints
  • create multiple forms
  • record item numbers in exam blueprint on the sheet for the exam form

As subject-matter experts, exam reviewers work to avoid exam builders. They complete several tasks:

  • examine exams for required components
  • they scan for validity according to the exam blueprint

Item Writer

Item Reviewer

Item writers construct items needed for exams.  To create items, item writers perform the following tasks:

  • compose items in the item bank
  • classify items according to estimated difficulty and outcome
  • create basic images and post
  • enter in equations with items

As subject-matter experts, item reviewers work to review items, item sets and readings.  They review items for

  • correct item construction,
  • acceptable distractor effectiveness,
  • proper item classification in terms of outcome and difficulty,
  • no cultural bias.

They similarly, examine readings in item sets for

  • length,
  • points for questions.

They then submit items, item sets, and readings to item writers.

Instructional Designer

Project Manager

These special people set the framework and guide development.  Often they

  • make exam blueprints
  • contribute to guidelines
  • pick readings
  • conduct check ins

The exam development lead or the curriculum coordinator serve as project manager.  They typically 

  • plan projects
  • manage budgets
  • hire and recruit
  • track projects
  • orient project members

Read more about the general curriculum roles.  To join a project, visit the exam development projects page. Be sure to check out the certificates and related workshops for each of these roles.

Project Stages
  • Analyze
  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Review
  • Revise
  • Maintain
Develop Stage
  • Design
  • Build
  • Review
  • Revise