Templates are created by the Exam Development Centre to assist with rapid development of exams and various related products.  These templates provide consistent format and quality.  Templates provide structure and fixed content to create ease of use.  More faculty and staff can become involved in exam development with these templates.  Templates for exams and blueprints are available for various subject areas, grade levels and courses.

Exam Templates

English Language Arts:

Readings Booklet
Questions booklet
Written Booklet


Multiple Choice and Numerical Response Booklet
Written Response Booklet 


Multiple Choice and Numerical Response Booklet
Written Response Booklet

Exam Blueprint Templates

English Language Arts Equivalency Final Unit
ELA3105 / ENG0301 Equivalency   Unit
ELA3104 / ENG0302 Equivalency   Unit
ELA2105   Final Unit
ELA2104   Final Unit
ELA1105   Final Unit
ELA1104   Final Unit
Mathematics Equivalency Final Unit
MAT3791 / MATH0301 Equivalency   Unit
MAT3792 / MATH0302 Equivalency   Unit
MAT3793   Final Unit
MAT2791   Final Unit
MAT2792   Final Unit
MAT2793   Final Unit
MAT1791   Final Unit
MAT1793   Final Unit
Sciences Equivalency Final Unit
SCN3230 / BIOL0301 Equivalency   Unit
SCN3796 / CHEM0301 Equivalency   Unit
SCN3797 / PHYS0301 Equivalency   Unit
SCN2231   Final Unit
SCN2796   Final Unit
SCN2797   Final Unit
SCN1270   Final Unit
SCN1288   Final Unit