Applications refers to the tools and technology we use to curate and create media. Below you can find a brief description of each application and a link leading you either to further information or to examples. 

Google Drive©
An online service that allows you to create files - such as word documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets, and forms - collaboratively work on those files, organize them, store the files online, and share those files with the public or select groups. You will see many links on our website to documents that we have created and stored on Google Drive.

PowerPoint© A presentation software that allows users to create a series of slides with text, images, video, and animation. This is one of the main tools of the Media Development team for a variety of reasons: it transforms into video easily using Camtasia Studio, it is a commonplace office software, both instructors and learners are familiar with it, a variety of media types can be used with it, it allows for animation.

Camtasia Studio© A video creation software that allows users to record their computer screen or upload a pre-made PowerPoint presentation and add narration or other sound tracks. This is another main tool of the Media Development team and all of our videos are produced using it, so you can see plenty of examples on our YouTube channel.

YouTube© An online video sharing site that allows users to upload videos with audio and organize them into playlists. We put videos that we have either created or curated onto our YouTube channel and organize them into playlists according to the courses they are most relevant to. You'll also see the videos embedded from YouTube onto on website; feel free to share them, like them, or comment on them.

SlideShare © An online presentation sharing site that allows users to upload PowerPoint presentations for public viewing. (Note that animation is not supported.). We post our presentations here and also embed them within our website. Feel free to share or comment on them.

Google Sites © A service that allows users to create webpages and websites that allow various types of media and links. This is what you are seeing now.

Realtime Board © A service that allows people to collaborate online in real time. Users can upload text, images, and various files to share and comment on in a variety of ways.

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