You've seen lots of videos on YouTube - the good, the bad, the unbearable. Have you ever wondered what went into developing the good ones? We have interactive processes for both curating the best of what is already out there and developing our own educational gems. Note that we use the same processes for PowerPoint presentations.


  • Design jam - we gather all the necessary people in a room and throw around ideas on a specific topic that is part of the curriculum of a specific course
  • Storyboard and script - after the ideas from the design jam are narrowed down, we organize the visual and textual/audio components.
  • Production - after reviewing the storyboard and script with the subject matter experts, creation of the media occurs.
  • Review & Revise - one more meeting to see the product that the media developer created. Feedback is gathered for revisions that are needed.

Media Curation: please watch this PPT  
  • Prepare - we get the subject matter experts together and discuss a specific topic that is part of the curriculum of a specific course and how that can be enhanced by video 
  • Search - with ideas and keywords in hand, we go on the hunt for well developed, high quality educational videos that are freely available online 
  • Review - after narrowing down the video options to our top contenders, we go back to the subject matter experts and get them to review the videos for: accuracy and level-appropriateness of content, relevance to curriculum, and general usability in their classes 
  • Post - those videos that make it past the review stage get added to a playlist on our YouTube Channel
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