Our goal is to make effective instructional media available for most courses in various deliveries through the careful curation and creation of instructional videos and PowerPoint presentations related to the curriculum. On this page you'll find links to all the details on how we get a project done. 

All presentations and videos will be made available to other instructors and the general public. For PowerPoint decks see the Slideshare channel BVCMDP; for videos see the YouTube channel mybvcupgrading. The MDP - Overview Handout, is a quick overview and reference of the overall media development project. 


MD0004: English Language Arts: Development of  PPT presentations

MD0003: Science Video Curation: List of Curated Science videos


MD0002: Math Video Curation

MD0001: English language Arts Video Curation
Scope    Plan    Team    Project Documents*   Video Showcase  

Essential Math 
Scope    Plan    Team    Project Documents*    

Math 20-3
Scope    Plan    Team    Project Documents

Math 20-2

Social Studies 10
Scope    Plan    Team    Project Documents

*Sign-in required. May only be accessible to specific project participants.

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