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Professional Development

Bow Valley College continues to improve access to quality teaching and learning through best practices in distributed learning.  The mybvc,ca portal and the connected Google Apps for Education are distributed learning tools with many best practices in place or being developed in the college.

The portal provides information, announcements and resources to students available 24 hours a day accessible with their official address.  Google Apps, such as Gmail, Drive and Calendar, are available for free for students, with abundant file storage and easy sharing.  Students can use the portal as their single sign-on to start using the apps right away, in an environment with which many are already familiar. In short, students can take full advantage of an online and mobile learning environment, a place where they already are.

Faculty and staff can take advantage of students' connections to these tools.  They can correspond with students, with Gmail and chat.  They can send assignments, receive submissions, and reply with feedback, keeping track of these emails for future use as threaded conversations.  Faculty can use Drive as a collaborative content management tool for course documents, such as Word, Excel and PDF files, with sharing and real-time mulit-user editing enabled.  Faculty and staff can create calendars, for exams and events, to be shared with colleagues and students, made available on the web or Outlook.  YouTube videos can be hosted and easily shared.   All of these tools are available free of charge as part of Google Apps for Education edition and can be managed by the college using a full suite of administration tools.. Teachers can continue to work the way they currently do and do so more effectively.


The showcase has been established to create awareness of the availability of the portal and the Google Apps for use by teachers and students to improve learning.  The showcase will substantiate a dialogue of best practices and encourage further use and support of these applications.

The showcase will open in the morning for college faculty and staff at 9:00.  The session will open with a presentation about the portal and the apps, outlining their current and potential use and benefits.  You can then browse exhibits for the portal and each Google App with kiosk presentations and our experts ready to answer questions.  At the front of the room, three workstations will be available for you to explore using Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations through some short activities.  Lastly, at scheduled times, our experts will provide short demos of some uses of their respective apps.