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YouTube Curation (MC EDTECH W1)

Professional Development

 This is a required workshop for completion of the Educational Technology outcome category for the Media Curator certificate. 

 This online workshop is designed to take you through a series of steps including reading material, demonstrations, and  practical exercises.  You will also be asked  to complete the workshop activity.

All your responses will be reviewed by the Media Development team by the end of 10 working days after the submission of your Workshop activity. If you have any questions, please contact the Media Development Team: or

Please follow the guide below to complete 10 steps of the online workshop:

                                                    •Thesis Maker 1:

•Decomposition of Water:

  •     Step 5 - Complete Exercise 2: Choose two  videos from a list below and evaluate them

                                     based on the Search checklist document:   

                                                               •Egg video :


•Learning English:


                                                                                 •The Art of Metaphor:                                                         




                      a video(s) to your playlist.

Thank you for completing the Media Curator: Educational Technology Online Workshop(MC EDTECH W1).

Please send a quick email to the Media Development Team notifying about your workshop completion . The team will review your exercises and activities  and will provide you with feedback.

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