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MC EDTECH W3 - Demonstrations and Exercises

Professional Development

Media Curator - Educational Technology: Workshop 3


My YouTube Epiphany

Teamwork video

Media Curators: Search Checklist

Media Curation PPT

Goal 1: Learn to effectively search for instructional videos using YouTube Filters:

  • Exercise 1  Choose a topic in your subject area. Search for a video on YouTube by using Filters

Goal 2: Learn to create a playlist, add a video to your playlist

  •  Exercise:  Use the video the participants chose in Exc.1 to add it to a new or existing playlist

Goal 3: Learn how to create a section and add other instructors’ playlists to your own channel

Goal 4: Sharing the web resources

  •    Demo:  Introduce the Share Web Resources Google forms:

o   English Language Arts form:

o   Science form:

o   Mathematics form:

Next step: Development of PPTs and instructional Videos

Lusine Harutyunyan,
Feb 10, 2014, 1:57 PM