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Blueprints 2.0 (EB EDES W1)

Professional Development

Required: A text from a course of your choosing in your area of expertise and an exam from the same course.

This workshop forms part one of the required workshops for completion of the Exam Design outcome category for the Exam Builder certificate.  As with every workshop, this workshop will take you through a series of demonstrations followed by practical exercises.  At the end of the workshop, you will be given the required activity to complete outside and the workshop and be submitted to the presenters for review and feedback.

The workshop will cover five goals from the Exam Design outcome category.  After completing the workshop, you will be able to:

[GOAL 1] understand differences in conceptual understandings for a specific subject area.
[GOAL 2] understand differences in difficulty levels for a specific subject area.
[GOAL 3] select classified items to be included on an exam based on its difficulty and related concept from the online exam bank or other source.
[GOAL 4] understand how curriculum outcomes are displayed and organized on a blueprint.
[GOAL 5] understand the difference between unit and final exam blueprints.

To finish the requirements for this workshop, be sure to complete and submit the workshop activity.