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Exam Reviewer - Item Design: Workshop 1 

9:00 – 12:00.   N716.

Exam Development Certificate: Exam Reviewer 

Presenters: Carey Hilgartner

Please Bring:  A unit exam from a subject-area which you instruct.

This workshop forms part one of the required workshops for completion of the Item Design outcome category for the Exam Reviewer certificate.  As with every workshop, this workshop will take you through a series of demonstrations followed by practical exercises.  At the end of the workshop, you will be given the required activity to complete outside and the workshop and be submitted to the presenters for review and feedback.

The workshop will cover the first three goals of the Item Design outcome category.  An exam reviewer will be able to:

  • [GOAL 1] understand how items are classified according to Foundational Learning practice.
  • [GOAL 2] review items for results, structure, format and content using established department criteria.
  • [GOAL 3] able to post comments and approve items as part of review.

For this workshop, you will gather in the meeting room with colleagues for a brief presentation.  You will  then return to your workstations to view demonstrations and complete the related exercises.  Firstly, you will view a demonstration on how items are classified.  You will then complete a brief online quiz to give you feedback.  You will then view a demonstration on how to review items for errors, valid content, proper structure, consistent format, and expected results.  Following this demo, you will complete an exercise asking you to review several items provided and then submit for immediate feedback from the presenter by email. Lastly, you will see a demonstration on how to post comments and indicate approval for items.  For the subsequent exercise, you will then post comments and approval for the items provided and submit for peer and presenter feedback.

To finish the requirements for this workshop, be sure to complete and submit the workshop activity by December 1, 2012.

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