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Media Curator - Educational Technology: Workshop 1

9:00 – 12:00.   N436.

Media Development Certificate: Presenter

Presenters: Carey Hilgartner     Co-Author: Deanna Jager

Please Bring:  A text from a course of your choosing in your area of expertise.  Your account, Gmail account or other Google account to create or use a personal YouTube channel.

This workshop forms part one of the required workshops for completion of the Educational Technology outcome category for the Media Curator certificate.  As with every workshop, this workshop will take you through a series of demonstrations followed by practical exercises.  At the end of the workshop, you will be given the required activity to complete outside and the workshop and be submitted to the presenters for review and feedback.

The workshop will cover the four goals of the Educational Technology outcome category.  A media curator will be able to:

§ [GOAL 1] define educational technology and how it relates to the development of engaging instructional media.

§ [GOAL 2] distinguish the purpose of various types of media, primarily presentations and instructional videos.

§ [GOAL 3] know where to locate relevant and quality media, including presentations and instructional videos.

§ [GOAL 4] add media to content management systems for the purposes of review and sharing.

Over the course of the workshop, you will be engaged in a number of practical and thought provoking activities. Following a brief presentation, you will participate in discussion of the purposeful use of

educational technology to collect engaging presentations and instructional videos.  You will then see demonstrations of searching for PowerPoint presentations and instructional videos.  You will be shown how to review, tag and store these presentations and videos, on the network drives and on YouTube.  Lastly, you will observe the steps to distributing these presentation and videos to staff and students using meaningful connections.  For each demonstration, you will have the opportunity to follow along.  More importantly, you will be able to complete your own searches, collect PowerPoint Presentations and instructional videos, and organize videos on your own YouTube channel.

To finish the requirements for this workshop, be sure to complete and submit the workshop activity by November 1, 2012.