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Professional Development

Media Curator - Media Development Certificate  

Educational Technology: YouTube Videos: Workshop 3 (MC EDTECH W3)



Brenda Thomas, online Math instructor

Laura Slade, Science instructor

Jennefer Rousseau, online Humanities instructor

Media Development team: Jenny Tzanakos, Lusine Harutyunyan


Join us for an engaging hands-on  session where you will learn about the benefits of incorporating instructional videos in your teaching. The session will be divided into three groups based on the subject area and will be led by our experienced instructors Brenda Thomas( Math), Jennefer Rousseau( ELA), and    (Science). This is an opportunity to share and collaborate, so please be ready to share the websites that you are commonly using in your courses.

During the session,  you will learn to:

  • Goal 1: Learn to effectively search for instructional videos using YouTube Filters
  • Goal 2: Learn to create a playlist, add a video to your playlist
  • Goal 3: Learn how to create a section and add other instructors’ playlists to your own channel
  • Goal 4: Learn how to share your web resources with other instructors

Over the course of the workshop, you will be engaged in a number of practical and thought provoking activities. This workshop will have future offerings.


Please create your personal YouTube channel before attending the session(use your Gmail account or other Google account) . Email to if you need to help in creating a channel

Please bring a set of headphones.

Lusine Harutyunyan,
Feb 10, 2014, 10:58 AM