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Make Your Course a Success

Media Curator - Media Development Certificate 

Educational Technology: YouTube Videos: Workshop 2 (MC EDTECH W2)

Presenters: Carey Hilgartner, Jenny Tzanakos, Lusine Harutyunyan


Join us for an exciting session where you will learn how to make your course even more engaging with the use of instructional videos. At the end of 

this session, you will have some of the skills necessary to be a Media Curator. You will be able to create a personal YouTube channel, identify 

effective instructional videos, and add existing instructional videos to playlists for use in the classroom.

Please Bring: 


·         Your Gmail account or other Google account to create and use a personal YouTube channel.

·         A title (or a link) to your favorite instructional video that could be used for a specific course

This workshop is designed for the Educational Technology outcome category on the Media Curator certificate.  As with every workshop, this workshop will take you through a series of demonstrations followed by practical exercises.  At the end of the workshop, you will be given the required activity to complete outside of the workshop and be submitted to the presenters for review and feedback. 

The workshop will cover some goals of the Educational Technology outcome category.  A media curator will be able to:

  • [GOAL 1]  Explain Media Curator’s role in the Media Development Certificate project
  • [GOAL 2] Identify an effective instructional media
  • [GOAL 3]  Create a personal Youtube Channel
  • [GOAL 4] Create a new playlist and add a video to their YouTube channel

Over the course of the workshop, you will be engaged in a number of practical and thought provoking activities.  

After the workshop, on your own time, you will complete the workshop activity.  Be sure to complete and submit the workshop activity by  October 17, 2013  to the following email address:

This workshop will have future offerings.